What's Next Shorts: Bell

Five times, the bell had rung five times. Quentin was well past late at this point. He began to sprint across the town as his mind started to spin, and the flowers he was holding were falling apart. Thinking of excuses he could use, 'I could blame traffic,' he thought, 'that's it. I could come up with some whole story that traffic was awful, and I had to leave my car behind and run, but she knows I don't own a car.' He never did have good ideas while he was stressed. Quentin kept his pace at about seven miles per hour; he would be over an hour late at this point. 'She will probably be more upset if I show up late, rather than coming at all.' His mind continues to spiral as he gets closer and closer. He sees a cab and hails it, but he realizes his wallet fell out of his pants while running when he checks his pockets. Without stopping his run, he slams on the back of the cab and yells to the driver, "Never mind!" The man seemed upset, but there wasn't any time for Quentin to worry about anyone's feelings; he was on a mission.

Five times, the bell had rung five times. Amelia left thirty minutes later than she should have; she knew that traffic would be as long as it was, but she never expected to be in a two-mile line that was hardly moving due to a flipped car. 'I could just say my car broke down,' she began to think, 'that's it. I can tell him that while I began to drive, the car broke down, but he would try to fix the car and see there aren't any problems.' Much like her partner, Amelia couldn't think on her feet when stressed. At the pace she was going, she would be over an hour late. 'I bet he already left; he wouldn't wait more than twenty minutes. I bet he sat at the bar for a while then left.' She continued to think of ways to get there faster. She began to swerve onto the side of the road to skip traffic, it may have been illegal, but she didn't have time. As she attempted to cut traffic, the tow truck had finally moved the car that had crashed out of the way. Traffic rapidly sped up, Amelia. Swerves back into the lane, cutting off a husband and wife with their kids in the back. The man honks the horn at her, but she waves, trying to apologize, knowing they would understand.

Quentin had finally made it to the street; as he walked down the path, he tried to fix his hair while looking at the reflection on the other buildings' windows. He caught the eyes of strangers, thinking that he was staring at them. When Quentin saw the flowers, he realized how destroyed they were, but there was nothing he could've done at that point. He pulls both of the doors open and enters the restaurant. He walks to the host stand and begins to search for Amelia.

Amelia had made it to the street; she parked her car and quickly paid for the meter, then she started to walk to the restaurant. As she walked down the road, she saw Quentin coming from the other direction, but luckily he was distracted looking into the windows. Amelia took a turn down the building's side to use the back door to sneak in without Quentin noticing. She entered the restaurant and began to walk towards a table; she ducked down to hide from Quentin, standing at the host stand searching for her.

Amelia had sat at a table, and Quentin spotted her immediately. Quentin walked up to Amelia and instantly told her, "I am so sorry I'm late. How long have you been here?" Amelia can't help but let out a slight giggle; she tells him, "Don't worry, I haven't been here long." The waiter walks to their table, "May I start the two of you off with something to drink," he says to them. With both of them out of breath, Quentin says to him, "I think I will start with scotch, and for the lady, a gin tonic," But Amelia quickly interrupts to say, "Actually, I think I want some sparkling water." She looks at Quentin with a smirk, and as the waiter walks away, Amelia says, still smiling, "I think we need to talk." Quentin looks at her in disbelief, and he starts to grin from cheek to cheek.

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